When Buzzfeed writes about Pratchett Job…

…you get very excited indeed. Pratchett aficionado Tom Chivers ran through his definitive list of Discworld novels and has been using Pratchett Job as a reference point. Tom really knows his stuff and his interview with Pratchett from several years ago is a delight to read.

I’ll be posting my own ranking once I finally finish the last Discworld novel. I’m currently reading A Hat Full of Sky so have plenty of pages left to go.

One thing I will say about Tom’s list – Thief of Time was robbed. Robbed.

If you have come this way from Buzzfeed, thanks for reading. New posts are up each Friday and I love to hear others’ opinions about the books and my own thoughts. I hope you will stick around – you can subscribe by clicking on the folder on the left hand side of the screen.

Hogfather write-up is coming in a few days.


  1. Hello
    I came from the buzzfeed article and agree TOT was robbed. I just wanted to comment on the DEATH Arc, Tom goes on about that Death goign on holiday trope however the nature of Death until Mort he was just a force in Human shape, as Pratchett says being human is catching and Death catches humanity, he has a mad teeenage period where he tries escaping his reality and has a bit of a Gap year mentality trying to understand his place in the world. eventually he realises around Hogfather that he cant just escape but he can do a little here and there to assist. by the time of TOT he has accepted that his Job is the ultimate reality but he does not need to physically step in to affect things he can manipulate events from afar or get Susan to step in.

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  2. That’s a really interesting theory. My own is Pratchett keeps at a theme or group of characters because there is something there he wants to tease out. I feel the Death books only get truly good with the emergence of Susan. She’s more interesting.

    That’s not to say I don’t love Death. S/?/he is fantastic but is much better supporting the protagonist than leading the line.



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