If you are a Disc fan, I recommend it. – Buzzfeed.

Rereading Discworld, in order, one book at a time. New recaps up every Friday, along with the odd cool Pratchett thing I find on YouTube or the internets.

Why am I doing it? Here’s why.

I tweet @pratchettjob.



  1. Just finished your apology. Loved what you said about covers – when I was young, it was sadly the determining factor on whether or not I bought the book. The American covers for Sir Terry’s books in the 80’s were awful. I had joined a book club and they kept sending me these rediculous things that I was too lazy to return. Then in 1988 I buried my mom and was flailing around for anything to read to take me away. Imagine my bliss when that psycho candy cane cover for Hogfather finally drew me in and I found the Discworld. The covers in America are still terrible but now I buy all his books from British sellers so I not only get the wonderful jackets but I get the books early!



    1. Smart move!

      As I have gone on reading them and the novels get darker, it is in marked contrast to the covers, which imply crazy comedy rather than his explorations of the human condition and anger at its failings. I still love them though.



  2. Great site. I love Terry Pratchett and I’m so sad he’s left us.

    Could I suggest that you add an ordered list of links to your reviews (in order) in your sidebar though? I’ve been pissing around for about half an hour trying to navigate from one review to the next and it’s proving tricky and rather irritating. If I want to get straight to Sorcery (for example) I don’t want to have to guess which month you reviewed it then wade through a load of other reviews first! Unless I’m missing some incredibly obvious way of doing it, which is, of course, perfectly possible.



    1. That’s a great idea – thanks for suggesting it. I’ll have a play around and try and make the navigation easier. As you might imagine, I’m a bit of a WordPress noob so comments like this are helpful.



  3. I started writing down quotes from books that impressed me when I was 16. Now the quotes-book is half full with Terrys words. And while rereading the books over and over again, I find even more worth to write down … that´s why I´m not buying the Quotes-Book, I´ve got them all already (and mind you, as I started to read the books in German, I often have them in two languages ;oD).
    Your blog is a great idea, the world can only become a better place if more people read Terrys books. I´m giving away his books as presents a lot and my eldest kid loves the Nac Mac Feegles …
    So we´re saying his name, loud and often … so in my household he wil never be truly dead.

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